Backyard Breeders vs. Tailwag shiba inu breeder.

Tailwag Shiba Inu breeder.

Does it matter where you get a puppy as long as you find the breed you want? The answer is yes, it does matter. At least, that’s what we think here at Tailwag Shiba Inu Breeder. Even if you are not planning to breed your dog to produce winning show dogs or dependable working dogs, it is essential to seek out a breeder who strives to improve the breed with each litter, like Tailwag Shiba Inu Breeder. Ignoring this concern can lead to sad times in your home. A puppy mill is a breeding operation where dogs are produced for profit, and the animals are at risk. These operations often provide only the minimum requirements to keep a dog alive and able to breed. Dogs usually live in cages rather than with human companionship, like at Tailwag Shiba Inu Breeder. Puppies produced in this situation miss vital experiences they need during their early weeks, and they are exposed to experiences that harm their emotional stability later. Leaving the mother and littermates too early can result in biting problems since the pup missed the early bite inhibition that needs to happen in the litter.

Here’s why:

Behavior problems you may experience with a puppy from this source include house training issues because the puppy has been confined too close to feces and urine. This causes damage to the pup’s instincts to keep the area clean. A frightened mother dog can transmit her fears to her pups.

Responsible breeders like Tailwag shiba inu breeder make their breeding choices based on producing puppies with the genetics for both good health and good temperament. Responsible breeders will be there for you later if there are problems. A responsible breeder will place each pup personally, not through a third party such as a pet shop or broker.

More Details

Another kind of breeder is the “backyard breeder.” This term describes people who breed dogs without knowing what they are doing. They do not know their dog’s health issues, pedigrees, etc. The motive is profit; some profit from turning out puppies without spending the money to provide them with good care. The backyard-bred puppy may make an all-right companion dog, but genetic health and temperament problems may be waiting to emerge as the pup matures. It is a complete gamble as to how things will turn out with a puppy you acquire from this type of breeder.

Tailwag Shiba Inu Breeder

If we were to discuss what is best for the dogs, it would certainly be for them to be bred only by people who will take excellent care of their parents and pups as we do at Tailwag Shiba Inu Breeder. Only breeders who put the welfare of the dogs ahead of profit make these difficult decisions. To learn how to make the right decisions, responsible breeders work with experienced mentors, do a great deal of study, and spend a great deal of money on health testing and AKC championships.

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